25 Oct 2010

Where are the Asian football players?

In the UK you won’t find a lot of Asians playing football, although 4% of the total population are Asians. 
Kick It Out is the national anti-racist football campaign supported and funded by the game's governing bodies. Along with Football Unites,  Kick It Out is one of the core partners who operate the Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) network. 

Kevin Coleman, the Grassroots Development Officer at Kick It Out said at a press conference earlier today “racism won’t disappear; it will always be there.” He knows about the problem with Asian football players and says they are the most hidden group. He stated that there are lots of Asian football players, they just don’t play in the clubs – they play for themselves on the public pitches.

A survey from a Manchester University found that young Asian males had amongst the highest rates of participation in football of any ethnic grouping. Another survey conducted by the CRE found a total of 10 Asian players at Premier League Academies.

Racism in football does exist. Although the Hooligan problem of the 80’s and 90’s has moved on, other problems like homophobia and anti-Semitism come up. Kick It Out is cooperating with 50 counties trying to solve those problems with different anti-discrimination strategies.

For a lot of people football is a way of release. You can express a lot through football. Maybe that’s why there are around 5-6 million football players in the UK.

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