19 Nov 2010

Old meets New

On a rainy day there is nothing better than visiting a museum. These are the days when I finally try to tick all the things from my list, things I never found time for before. 

This time it was raining really badly so I decided to visit the British Museum. Quite impressive building I must say, I felt small surrounded by huge walls – a fantastic combination of old and new.

People have recommended me to go to the watches and clocks exhibition room somewhere on the third floor. It was a hassle for me finding the right stairs to take, to climb them up and finally reach the third floor.

But there was an old bath tap I touched and wasn’t allowed to, so I got screamed at from the museums supervisor. There were old jewels, coins and battle equipment, but no watches.

I knew I was lost. After asking a helpful lady at the information desk I finally got what I came for. Kind off.

Time for disappointment 
Maybe I am not easily to be impressed, but these were watches, clocks, and nice ones for sure, but a few of them could also come from my parents’ house. I was disappointed.

But, I must admit, I love this place. Just standing in the massive entrance hall, soughing about how impressive it is – was totally worth a visit.

I might come again, bring a huge lunch bag and have a picnic in the crowd of in ancient history interested people. I am part of it.

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  1. To some extent I agree with you. For me the British Museum is too big to be good. It's really easy to develop an aesthetic fatigue.