8 Nov 2010

A girl’s life.

The texture of the chairs fabric is pictured all over the palm of Zhou Zheng’s hand. It takes a moment until we can see the lines in her palm again. 

The first line is representing the job, the second line stands for love and the third line is displaying life, she explains. “My life is smooth”, she says.

One time somebody looked at her face and told her, she will marry a very good guy. Her sign is Libra. She says, its true, it is really hard for her to make decisions. He made a decision.

Zhou Zheng is from the Hubei Province in China. By train she could be in Shanghai in about four hours. But she didn’t go there often. Her father is a manager of a car battery fabric her mother is an accountant.

When she was young, she always wanted to be a teacher. The blackboard and everything, she just liked it. Her plans changed. She doesn’t want to be a teacher anymore.

New life in London
Now she is living in London, now she studies Journalism, now she wants to work in the media industry. Life has changed.

For her London is a very clean city; and the people, they are “not very nice, but kind of nice,” she says.
The biggest difference to China is the closing time of the shops. What she likes to do in her free time? She likes to go shopping and traveling.

A great experience in Lijiang
After she graduated from school, she traveled to Lijiang. “Lijiang is a very special city”, she says, “it is the most romantic city in China.”

For her, it is hard to explain why; it is the atmosphere, the mood. It’s all about “enjoying the sunshine and the free time.”

Traveling Europe
While being in Europe, she wants to keep on traveling. She already went to Bath, Cardiff and Manchester. Over Christmas, she will go to France and Sweden.

Her boyfriend now lives on the other side of the world. He is studying in Beijing. She is seeing him twice a year, but that’s okay to her. They talk on the phone every day.

One day they will be together. Maybe he will come to London. And maybe, he is the very nice guy she is going to marry.