10 Nov 2010

On the streets.

I feel like the rise of the tuition fees and the demonstrations against it are following me everywhere I go.

I have never been a big fan of demonstrations, having a strong opinion and going out on the streets to fight for it. No, I think I am more of a relaxed kind of person.

Of course, I also have times when I want to stand up and scream – and believe me I am doing it.

Education should be accessible to everyone. A rise of the tuition fees would take us back to the past where just the most sophisticated people under us were privileged enough to be not only rich but also intelligent. That shouldn’t be the case in the year of 2010.

Still, I find demonstrations are getting way to popular. Do we miss fighting for things? Is it a bad thing that everything is provided without the need of struggling? Or is it more an excuse for a huge party?

Student party in Vienna
I remember the demonstrations in Austria last year. It was cold, I had to study a lot and it was just before Christmas.

And there they were, thousands of students demonstrating on the streets, occupying the lecture theatres, spraying the walls with slogans such as “educations should be for everyone”, listening to very loud music, drinking and smoking in the University - not only tobacco. I was confused. I felt like I was the only one not being a hippie. No offence.

Isn’t there another way to state one’s position? For sure, they showed everybody that there is a need of education. I don’t want to know anything about the amount of money cleaning the mess afterwards. It must have been tremendous.

Is it going to be the same now the tuition fees are to be risen in the UK? Will I have to go through all this again? Please tell me the country of tea and posh accent is handling this situation differently.


  1. I love your comparison of the presnt scenario with the system of the past. And that is so true. With the increase in tuition fees things are just going to become like that.More ppl will now chose to stop their education earlier. And that is clearly not going to help the economic situation a great deal...

  2. thanks for your comment Ramya! This is my first post where I state my own opinion, was a bit scared to do so...