26 Mar 2011

The boat race

1829 the idea of a rowing race between the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge was born. 

Two friends - Charles Merivala, a Cambridge University student and his Harrow school friend Charles Wordsworth, who was a student at Oxford came up with the idea.

On 12 March 1829 Cambridge sent a challenge to Oxford - the tradition was born which has continued to the present day - the loser of the previous year's race challenges the opposition to a re-match.

The race still runs along the same lines from Putney to Mortlake, but has now become a major international sporting occasion, drawing millions of viewers from around the world.

This year Oxford was the lucky winner. But Cambridge still leads the serience by 80-76. The 157th Boat Race takes place on Saturday, 26 March 2011 at 17:00.

Watch finish line moments 2011:

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