11 Mar 2011

Under construction

www.london-performers.co.uk  is what 7 journalism students, including me, have been working on the last couple of weeks.

London Performers is a multimedia website, showcasing the distinguished talent in London. It incorporates informative writing, photography and multimedia content to reveal the unknown side of cult and popular culture.

Our aim is to encapsulate the trends of London's current entertainment scene through publishing issues focussed on certain groups of performers.

It is a website aimed at anyone interested in performing and anyone visiting or living in London.

We hope to expose entertainers who may be beginning their career, or those who have never had the right coverage before.

We want to expose London's entertainment in all its glamour and grime.

We will look at specific groups of performers in London, each aiming to take the theme of 'performing' in a literal and abstract sense.

Every story aims to explain what these performers do, why they do it and how they are doing it.
We are a team of seven international journalists working together to produce a truly original take on what London has to offer.

Check it out: www.london-performers.co.uk

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