18 Oct 2010

Beer rather than wine

Sniffing, sipping and gargling is what comes to ones mind thinking about choosing a drink from the wine list at a restaurant. At http://www.belgo-restaurants.co.uk in the heart of London, rather than a wine list, you will find a beer list.

The Belgian restaurant with its five branches around the city offers a wide range of Belgian beers next to typical Belgian food such as mussels and fries. From beers on tap, blonde beers, blonde ales, white beers, amber beers and dark beers you will also find fruit beers and beers brewed in the monasteries of Belgium. 

Monks were not allowed to drink wine in the older times, which is why they had to come up with something different to allay their thirst. Maybe that’s why the alcoholic strength of the monastery beers goes up to 11,3 percent.

The taste is quite different from the beers we know, it ranges from sweet to sour, from bitterly hopped to roasted malt and especially the girlish ones of us will find themselves with an empty glass before noticing. Here you don’t just drink beer, you live it! To keep up with the Belgians, you have to drink 150 litres of beer a year – can you beat them?


  1. You should try kwak beer!it's one of my favourite belgian beers! waiting for a feedback... :)