11 Oct 2010

"It is as simple as that"

At the Houses of Parliament in London, it feels like time stands still. Old traditions are kept and still in use, which makes this place so fascinating.

In the House of Commons you can find red lines on the floor, which are not allowed to be crossed. In the old days they were a border to avoid swordplays. Nowadays they are not to be crossed either. Although swords are not beeing used anymore, arguments still exist.

While all over the world computer and electronic equipment accompany our lives, the member of the House of Commons do not have a lot to deal with computer skills. Even for votings, they do not use electronic systems. 

Votes are delivered by going into different entrances. “It is as simple as that”, is what a tour guide from the Houses of Parliament is repeating. Why should this system be changed? It worked like this for centuries.

Here and there you will find a glimpse of modern arrangements like television screens or the bullet proof glass, which is protecting the members of the House of Common from visitors attacking them. Anyhow, the ancient telephones which you may detect around this place seem to be much more appropriate.

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