6 Feb 2011

Acting = good. Included history lesson = even better.

The King's Speech. A short review.

Living in London and not knowing too much about the royal family and history just doesn't go together. The King's Speech tells the story of King George VI of Britain, father of Queen Elizabeth II. and his stutter issue.

This movie taught me, Colin Firth is more than just a cheesy englishman that has to cope with various love affairs. He is a real actor and he can do much more than impress with his nice accent and formal conservative affectation.

Seing Westminster Abbey before a coronation - yes it was just a movie - made me realize how fascinating the history of the Royal family is.

The Royal Family

Harry's and William's gossip stories about partying, falling in love and getting married were the only reason I was interested in the royal family's life before. Now I am even more interested in the background and history of the family.

I can't remember the last time a movie didn't just entertain but also activate an appetite for more. This movie released so close to the big wedding of Kate and William sets the reputation of the royal family in a very bright light of even more interest in what is going to happen next.

Seing Queen Elizabeth II. as a cute girl, beloved by her father, changes my impression of a cold, old woman. Well, she is human after all.

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