6 Feb 2011

Road to Revolution

While marching to the Egyptian Embassy yesterday the message was clear: "Power to the Egyptian People", "Hands off the Middle East", "Down with Mubarak!"

"We march from the home of the puppet master, represented by the US Embassy to the home of the puppet, the Egyptian Embassy" were the opening words on Saturday's Solidarity for the Egyptian people demonstration organised by the Stop the war coalition (STWC).

Eyewittness talks about her experience at Tahrir Square 

Speakers included Tariq Ali, Vice President of STWC and Cairo eye-witnesses, who spent four days last week at Tahrir Sqaure in Egypt. For her those days were the "most inspiring and humbling experience."

She spoke about what she has seen on Tahrir Square: People in Egypt have lost their fear. They don't want foreign intermission. They want to make their own decisions.

Tariq Ali about what will happen next

"Have no doubt" is what Tariq Ali is repeating. He is certain that the US want to replace Mubarak with as he says "a less known torturer: Suleiman."

"Suleiman and Mubarak made Egypt into a torture camp. No to Mubarak but no also to Suleiman. We want the entire regime to go."

Thousands of people had to go on the streets and fight to make the world understand what is happening in Egypt.

Ali says, they understood, the only one who didn't is Tony Blair. People laughed. He called him corrupt and shameless.

To Ali what is happening in Egypt today is also a response to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Londons view 

While marching to the Egyptian Embassy, I talked to one of the protestants. For him the people in Egypt are heroic.

"Mubarak is gone already, he is just finding an exit stragedy" was his answer when I asked what he thinks will happen next. "The people have lost their fear, there is no way back. Mubarak is a dead man."

Another protestor told me people in Egypt will hold out longer than others might think. They waited a long time for this.

She is sure that the power of the Egyptian people is very strong. She told me that it started amongst people who had nothing and they just want to have something better for their children. "They have nothing to loose."

An unordinary sight for some of us. At this demonstration Islam, Christianity and Judaism are fighting together in what they belief: In a better future for Egypt.

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