12 Feb 2011

Impressions of celebrating Egypt

People are celebrating all over the world. Egypt is a free country. 

At Trafalgar Square in London people stood in solidarity with the people of Egypt, the wider Middle East and North Africa in their demands for an end to repression, for their freedom, their basic human rights, and immediate democratic reform. 

"It's the first step," say the Egyptian protesters. "We have got rid of the dictator. Now we must get rid of the dictatorship."

         We all are Egypt. Press play to listen:


What do people have to say on Trafalgar Square?
Press play to listen:

Message from Trafalgar Square to Tahrir Square. Press play to listen:


Naji Al Ali, Gender Studies SOAS, about women rights in Egypt. Press play to listen:


Proud to be Tunisian. Press play to listen:


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