17 Feb 2011

Three protestors killed in Bahrain

Dozens of armor-cased vehicles drove against Pearl Square Thursday morning in the capital Manama, where protestors have built up their base.

Encouraged of what happened in Egypt and Tunisia also in Bahrain members of the opposition called for a “day of anger”. In the last couple of days protests in countries throughout North Africa und the Middle East took place.

The square where the night before about 2000 protestors have camped was deserted on Thursday morning and littered with abandoned tents and blankets. Since the beginning of the protests three days ago five people have been killed at riots. 

The changes of power in Tunisia and Egypt have encouraged thousands of protestors in the last couple of days to demand the resignation of the Sunnite family. 

The Shiite majority of population moans about being excluded from housing market, health system and governmental place of employment in the archipelagic state of Saudi-Arabia.

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  1. Death toll rises:

    Yemen 4 deaths
    Libya another 7 deaths